Help and healing for our veterans

Nancy Brewington - Retired (1997) US Army, Major Transportation Corps – 20 Years, RN, Massage Therapist

Speaking at 2:00pm     Understanding and Nurturing the Connection of the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Presentation for Wellness 4 Warriors II
Topic: Understanding and Nurturing the Connection of the Mind, Body and Spirit.
How can we embrace a holistic approach to living and to helping others live their best lives? Our presentation will help the attendees by presenting the basics in "Holistic Wellness101." This session will help all of us make sense of the connection of the body, mind and spirit and realize that they are not independent of one another. They are intertwined. What affects one affects the others part of our whole being.

Nancy created Hands N Harmony in 2011 after obtaining her Massage Therapist license and being a RN for 5 years. The main premise of Hands N Harmony was to help people learn how to use a Holistic approach towards healing using meditation, nutrition, exercise, yoga, massage therapy and other approach towards wellness and to take control and their own health and mental wellness.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dr. Candy Lewis Williams

Speaking at 12:30pm    "TLC" A Battle Plan For Wellness

We are honored and blessed to have Dr. Candy Williams speak at the Wellness Expo.

Candy is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Doctor of Naturopathic Ministries, Master Herbalist, and Trichologist her goal is to make a difference in the overall health of her clients through the use of alternative health programs and therapies to educate on connecting beauty with wellness.

Marc Ebinger - USAF Veteran of the First Gulf War

Speaking at 11:00am    "Simple Strategies for Better Sleep"

23 year Veteran - San Antonio Police Department. 
His extensive experience working on street patrol and homicide investigations gives him a unique and valuable perspective on stress and its effects on human behavior. Mr. Ebinger's direct, common sense approach to public speaking helps deliver a valuable learning experience.

Wellness 4 Warriors II 

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Wellness 4 Warriors II

Tammy Martinez

Manager/Coordinator - Garden Tea Lounge
Speaking at 3:30pm       Compliments to your health: "TEA", a Healthy Choice for your Lifestyle

I am the wife to a wonderful pastor and homeschooler to three of our seven children. I am a native of the Ft. Worth/Dallas area and have lived in San Antonio for over twenty years and I dearly love this city. I began my journey into the tea culture over 7 year ago and it has made a remarkable change in my life. As an avid reader of the Holy Scriptures and my passion for the cultivar of teas have been welcomed attributes in my life, mentally, physically and spiritually.